Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wheeeerrrrre's Johnny?

Maybe our congressman can take a lesson in constituent-building from our two U.S. senators.
Chuck Schumer visits here so often, he's earned his own parking spot. And Hillary Clinton has been up here twice this year, and it wasn't even Women's Only Weekend.
The only federal representative we haven't seen around these parts is Congressman Sweeney. Maybe he's resting on those 65-35 percent Election Day victories.
But Sweeney's certainly no Gerry Solomon, who could often be spotted holding court in a local supermarket or at a hockey game.
Voters in this area have shown no hesitancy about throwing indifferent Republicans out of office -- as evidenced by the outcome of last month's general election. Mr. Sweeney owes it to consitutents to regularly stop by, meet with them and answer their questions. Otherwise, he may find himself on the short end of the next 65-35 election result. To paraphrase Bill Cosby: We put you into this office. We can take you out.