Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hudson Falls follies

What's with the Hudson Falls Village Board? Maybe the trash plant exhaust is starting to get to them.
They can't figure out how to shut up one of their trustees, who keeps bugging the police chief for information about his budget. So they come up with a policy to have her clear her requests through the entire village board first. Members of the majority think it's a great idea -- limiting trustees' power to get information. That's fine when it's not them seeking the information. But we wonder how they'd feel about the rule if THEY were in the minority.
C'mon kids. Play nice. The village has a lot of problems, and none of this bickering does anything to solve them. How about forgetting the petty politics and getting back to business.
Speaking of which, the mayor says he needs to cut back his hours in order to keep his unemployment benefits. What kind of stupid state law forces a public official to cut back his hours in order to live? It's difficult enough getting people to run for office without forcing them to choose between serving the public and feeding their families. The income from most public officials' salaries (we're not talking the Legislature) is barely enough to cover their expenses. There should be an exemption.