Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hudson Falls follies

What's with the Hudson Falls Village Board? Maybe the trash plant exhaust is starting to get to them.
They can't figure out how to shut up one of their trustees, who keeps bugging the police chief for information about his budget. So they come up with a policy to have her clear her requests through the entire village board first. Members of the majority think it's a great idea -- limiting trustees' power to get information. That's fine when it's not them seeking the information. But we wonder how they'd feel about the rule if THEY were in the minority.
C'mon kids. Play nice. The village has a lot of problems, and none of this bickering does anything to solve them. How about forgetting the petty politics and getting back to business.
Speaking of which, the mayor says he needs to cut back his hours in order to keep his unemployment benefits. What kind of stupid state law forces a public official to cut back his hours in order to live? It's difficult enough getting people to run for office without forcing them to choose between serving the public and feeding their families. The income from most public officials' salaries (we're not talking the Legislature) is barely enough to cover their expenses. There should be an exemption.

A joke ripe for the pickin'

You have to admit, that Banana Boy story was probably the most hilarious thing you've read in a long time.
How about that sheriff's deputy? Imagine the conversation when he got home.
"Hi Honey, how was your day?"
"Oh, the usual. Loud noise complaint. Couple of speeders. Oh, and I held a giant banana at gunpoint."
"That's nice, dear."
Imagine if he'd actually shot the guy. Then during the internal affairs investigation, they went into the deputy's arrest history and found out he once shot a potato -- right between the eyes! (couldn't resist.)
Enough. The big question now is whether Banana Boy is planning to wear his costume to his court appearance on Thursday. If you're the judge, you throw him in jail just for pushing a joke too far. Speaking of which, I'm done with the banana topic. Thanks a bunch.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The sky is falling in Hartford

When your residents are taking chunks of rock to the IGA to weigh them on the produce scale, you have to wonder why local and state government officials aren't doing more about it.
"Ooops. Sorry. Won't happen again," won't wash if one of those flying missiles ever hits a house - or a person.
A lot of people in power should be a lot madder about this, don't ya think?

Wheeeerrrrre's Johnny?

Maybe our congressman can take a lesson in constituent-building from our two U.S. senators.
Chuck Schumer visits here so often, he's earned his own parking spot. And Hillary Clinton has been up here twice this year, and it wasn't even Women's Only Weekend.
The only federal representative we haven't seen around these parts is Congressman Sweeney. Maybe he's resting on those 65-35 percent Election Day victories.
But Sweeney's certainly no Gerry Solomon, who could often be spotted holding court in a local supermarket or at a hockey game.
Voters in this area have shown no hesitancy about throwing indifferent Republicans out of office -- as evidenced by the outcome of last month's general election. Mr. Sweeney owes it to consitutents to regularly stop by, meet with them and answer their questions. Otherwise, he may find himself on the short end of the next 65-35 election result. To paraphrase Bill Cosby: We put you into this office. We can take you out.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Rethinking the war?

Even if you support the war in Iraq, how can you not help feeling a little negative about all the casualties? Is it supporting the troops by continuing to support the war, or is it supporting them by trying to get them the hell out of there as soon as possible? If your views have changed or wavered on the war since it started, or if they've been solidified in favor of it by the need to finish what we started and back our troops, voice your opinion in the newspaper's "It's Debatable" feature. You don't have to sign your name, and you have to keep your comments to exactly 100 words or less (They count them). E-mail your responses to mahoney@poststar.com.

Going round and round

So Glens Falls Mayor-elect Akins is reconsidering the roundabout at the five-way intersection. He's probably one of those people who avoids the intersection by taking side streets. That might get you around faster, but it's not exactly the way to promote new businesses downtown. Before Mr. Akins makes up his mind, he should try to drive through the five-way at 4:30 p.m. on any weekday, or sit there at 3 a.m. on any night waiting for the light to turn.
For a video editorial report on the subject that my friends at The Post-Star did, click here.
Have thoughts about the city revisiting the roundabout? Respond to the "It's Debatable" question in the paper. E-mail your 100-word comments to mahoney@poststar.com. (Best of all, you don't have to sign your name.)

Sunday, December 04, 2005


So they're digging through the PCBs in Fort Edward to get to historical items from a smallpox hospital. Maybe it's safer to just leave everything on the river bottom and go swimming someplace else.