Sunday, November 13, 2005

Where the wild things are

Hey Folks. It's been a while. Any tigers get loose while I was gone?

* I like the new Frostbite mascot. It's a vast improvement over "Knuckles the Big Bad Wolf." Way cuddlier, too. But it still doesn't look anything like a polar bear.

* Thank goodness the election's finally over. I was beginning to think they were going to take this thing all the way to the Supreme Court. One sham election is enough for one lifetime.

* The guy who does my taxes is an election inspector in Moreau. Should I be worried?

* Hey, how many times in your memory have you heard the phrase "Democratic Sweep" used for anything around these parts other than describing who has to clean up after board meetings? If Jerry Solomon were still alive, someone in the party leadership would be getting a good horse-whippin' about now.

* Bet Bud Taylor wants to ring Peter McDevitt's neck right about now. I understand he's taken the matter under advisement (couldn't resist one more). Those 880 Conservative votes that McDevitt got certainly would have been helpful to a Republican candidate in a tight race. But hey, that's democracy.

* Glens Falls mayor-elect Roy Akins says he plans to release his plans for revitalizing the city any day now. Kind of a mid-November surprise. Would have been nice if the voters got a chance to see it BEFORE the election.

* Crandall library Director Christine McDonald was so excited by the reversal of the vote on the library expansion that she almost broke into a smile.

* Looks like Saratoga Springs' Democratic mayor-elect Valerie Keehn was smart not to debate Mike Lenz after all. But she won't be able to hide from the public when she's sitting in his chair in six weeks. Let's hope she's prepared with some actual answers.

* Speaking of the Democratic sweep, the people trying to keep Saratoga Springs from using Saratoga Lake as a water source are getting worried. I saw a bunch of them out there the other day dumping PCBs in the lake.

* I hear in Dresden, they're eliminating voting booths all together and just going to absentees. No one apparently lives in that town full-time anyway. They're also changing the town's ZIP code to 11551 -- Hempstead, Long Island.

* Turns out the Greenwich bank robbers weren't part of some elite European paramilitary group after all -- just three local mutts with spare time on their hands. Here's some advice for you bank robber wannabes: If you want people to think you're just some regular-Joe handyman, don't park the BMW and the Mercedes in the driveway.

* I've got some swampland to sell you in Queensbury. Actually, it might be worth something.

* So how 'bout them Jets? I hear they sent a scout to a Greenjackets game looking for a quarterback.