Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Top 11 ways for the Civic Center to recoup the $225,000

The outgoing Glens Falls Common Council has decided to cut $225,000 from the city's subsidy of the Glens Falls Civic Center. The Civic Center will either have to cut expenses or generate more revenues to make up the difference. Here are a few ideas.

11 -- Have Civic Center walkers run on treadmills to generate electricity.
10 -- Collect portion of profits from sale of Barry Melrose Hair Gel.
9 -- Create indoor waterslide park.
8 -- Auction off Kay Saunders' seat from Heritage Hall.
7 -- "Chuck a Puck at Bob Regan" nights during January Frostbite games.
6 -- Get Irish tenor Danny O'Donnell to perform nightly.
5 -- Fire the entire Civic Center staff and have work done by city police dispatchers.
4 -- Convince New York Mets management that spending $10 million at the Civic Center will turn them into a contender.
3 -- Give Burger King the food franchise and get it off the five-way corner.
2 -- Pay Lee Ann Womack not to perform.
1 -- Zamboni rides