Friday, October 14, 2005

Top 11 ways to save on fuel costs

People are often resistent to consider alternative transportation as a way to save gasoline. That's because there simply are few viable options for them. Well, Don Coyote has compiled a list of 11 top ideas for what could be done locally to save commuters money and fuel, while screwing the big oil companies.

11 -- Take imported Mexican dogs from Adirondack Save-a-Stray and have them pull sleds.
10 -- Develop cars powered by acid rain.
9 -- Equip bicycles with snow tires and studs.
8 -- Car-battery recharging station in Fort Ann at new Hadlock Pond Hydro Dam.
7 -- Harness anger from Hartford veterans monument controversy.
6 -- Give everyone a soap box derby car.
5 -- Expand canal system to city streets, allowing people to row to work. Check with Finch-Pruyn first about using their river water.
4 -- Personalized balloons propelled by hot air from politicians.
3 -- Shuttle service using buses from cancelled Canadian fall foliage tours.
2 -- Build windmill-propelled vehicles, as long as they couldn't be seen from the High Peaks.
1 -- Create fuel from alcohol breath at Hebron Town Board meetings.