Thursday, October 13, 2005

Top 11 justifications for denying access to Hadlock Dam documents

The Fort Ann Town Board has denied a Post-Star request for information that led to the collapse of the Hadlock Pond Dam in July. The Freedom of Information Law requires that governments provide a reason for denying such a request. Here are the Town Board's Top 11 justifications for withholding the information, based on what Don Coyote has learned.

11 -- Now that the dam and all the water are gone, what's the big deal?
10 -- The newspaper might sue us? Get in line.
9 -- Thought a "FOIL" request had something to do with wrapping leftovers.
8 -- Afraid of negative reaction from Washington County al-Qaida cell.
7 -- Supervisor Gayle Hall might have to say something other than "No Comment" at town board meetings.
6 -- The state doesn't respond to FOILs. Why should we?
5 -- Fear release of information will prompt large group of residents to secede from town and form the Village of Mudslide.
4 -- If town is responsible, it will quash board's plans to assess all homes in town as "lakeside property."
3 -- Fear that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will try to make a legal claim on behalf of all the fish that got killed.
2 -- Agreeing positively to a FOIL request will set bad precedent for other screw-ups the town wants to keep secret.
1 -- All the documents were destroyed in the flood.