Monday, October 31, 2005

Lukewarm love fest

Outgoing Glens Falls Mayor Robert Regan couldn't have made it any clearer how unenthusiastic he is about Bud Taylor becoming his replacement. He waits six weeks before making an endorsement, then only at the prompting of a reporter. Then he takes all day to get the wording just right, and then issues a statement instead of holding a joint press conference. The mayor's not exactly trying to win the MVP on Team Bud, is he? But in the end, all good Republicans stick together -- even if they have to be dragged kicking and screaming.

Try a little harder next time
Speaking of the election, if Esmond Lyons and Bill Berg were trying to kiss up to the paper during last week's Post-Star mayoral debate in order to get our endorsement, they need to work a little harder on their puckering. Mr. Lyons referred to the debate as the paper's attempt to put on a "pretense of fair and accurate coverage" hoping to "cover their bloody tracks." Mr. Berg accused the paper of knowingly printing "lies" about him. We're just glad they didn't send their candidate essays via flaming arrow.