Thursday, September 15, 2005

Voting irregularities and elephant poop

So they recorded 10 votes in a Conservative Primary polling location in Glens Falls where only four people were registered. Upon hearing the news, Congressman John Sweeney immediately broke off a live interview with CNN, swooped into Warren County Airport on Air Force 1, and demanded the Board of Elections stop the counting.

See the story about that guy who makes sculptures out of elephant dung? It was in Thursday's Post-Star. O-Kaaaaay. Whyyyyyyy???

Bud Taylor won the Republican nomination for mayor and immediately called for the creation of a task force to determine his next move.

I read where the Westchester County executive issued subpoenas to 14 gas stations in his county that raised their prices more than $1 overnight right right after Hurricane Katrina hit. He wants to know their justification for bumping them up so fast and so high. Come to think of it, we'd like to know the same thing about our local gas stations. How 'bout it supervisors?