Friday, September 30, 2005

Other places to look for marijuana

Washington County sheriff's officers have seen a significant drop in the amount of marijuana plants they seize each year. Part of the problem is that police don't have the staff and equipment to make significant raids. The other part is that pot growers over the years have wised up and come up with creative new places to grow their weed without getting caught. Don Coyote knows of a few of the more discreet, infrequently visited places where cops might find some MJ.

12 — New York Jets quarterback meetings
11 — Voting booths at Skidmore College
10 — Downtown Wilton
9 — The keep-lock cells at Great Meadow prison
8 — The Kingsbury soccer park
7 — The Hadlock Pond shoreline
6 — The Glens Falls police station after the dispatchers are gone
5 — Gas stations just on the New York side of the New York-Vermont border
4 — Glens Falls Civic Center during Black Crowes and Lee Ann Womack concerts
3 — Washington County Board of Supervisors night meetings
2 — Inside downtown Fort Edward businesses after the dredging starts
1 — Warrensburg school board meetings where they're discussing the teachers' contract