Monday, September 12, 2005

On the Glens Falls GOP race, and FEMA

If Bud Taylor and Peter McDevitt were any more nasty to each other, you'd think they were an old married couple. Our columnist, Will Doolittle, almost walked out of a debate between the two men the other night in disgust, and it wasn't because they were both Republicans. The nastiness we see in national and state campaigns is a campaign strategy for winning the election, not improving the community. Bloody the other guy so people will think he's a stinker and won't vote for him. But here at the local level, we're just looking for candidates who are going to make our community better. We don't need tricks and distractions.We just need a civilized election in which candidates win by presenting the best ideas for bettering the community, not the best insults.

I see Mike Brown has resigned as FEMA director. I think the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama would have been better off if he quit before the hurricane.