Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My suggestions for the Henry Hudson Town Houses

The owners of the Henry Hudson Town Houses have offered to sell the low-income housing development to the city of Glens Falls. The city has balked at the offer, fearing the level of bureaucracy that would be involved in running the townhouses. Don Coyote, though, thinks the city could make a go of it if they think of more creative uses for the complex.

Top 11 city uses for the Henry Hudson Town Houses

11 -- Housing for "marginal human beings" looking for temporary work under the Peter McDevitt administration.

10 -- Flood in winter and use as city ice rink and warming huts under the Bud Taylor administration.

9 -- Fire training center under the Bill Berg administration.

8 -- Large, semi-fictional 3-D mural under the Esmond Lyons administration.

7 -- Promote as Glens Falls heritage tourism destination -- Miserably Failed Low-income Housing Solutions of the 1970s -- under the Roy Akins administration.

6 -- Move current residents to Madden Hotel and offer homes to displaced New Orleans residents.

5 -- New city dog walk park.

4 -- City police station annex under consolidated dispatch, since cops spend most of their time there anyway.

3 -- Parking area for Boscov's.

2 -- Tell people it's Cooper's Cave. The real one is too difficult to get to now, and no one reads "Last of the Mohicans" anymore anyway.

1 -- Turn it into the village of East Glens Falls and allow the residents to run it themselves.