Thursday, September 15, 2005

Backing the wrong teams

After the first week of the NFL season, the Bills, Dolphins, Saints, 49ers and Bengals are all undefeated. Looks like a good time to buy a lottery ticket. Especially since the Mega Millions jackpot for Friday is $250 million!

Is there anything more annoying than people who defend convicted sex offenders? In Fort Edward last year, church folks held a home party and a golf tournament for a beloved priest who was removed the ministry because of a sexual relationship he had with a teenage boy. The bishop himself confirmed the story. The priest, of course, told people another story and they believed him. How gullible can people be?
And now, apparently starved for quality musical entertainment, the good people of southern Washington County have opened their arms to a guy whose teaching license was just removed by the state because he had long sexual relationships with a couple of area high school juniors. Sure, these people are very charming and disarming. How exactly do you think they dupe their victims in the first place? Just because someone is a nice guy and has a particular talent doesn't mean you turn your back on the facts and let your guard down. Being a forgiving, loving Christian doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your brains and common sense. C'mon people!