Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Some change is good, some isn't

So they're trying to change my favorite place in the whole world to make it more "classy?" What's not classy about the village of Lake George now? I mean, where else can you play mini-golf at 10 o'clock at night, get drunk at a genuine imitation Hawaiian luau, shake hands with Frankenstein, buy five T-shirts for $10, get a tattoo, and ride a gawdy paddleboat on the same lake that they fought the French & Indian War? And they think they need to make Lake George more classy? C'mon. It's perfect.

Saw the New York Racing Association has a new detention facility at Saratoga where they put horses before races to make sure no one's giving them performance-enhancing drugs. Maybe they should have one of those detention facilities for major league baseball players.

I see that guy called off his challenge to Bud Taylor's petition. Score one for democracy.

Speaking of the election, I hear the local Green Party has its nose out of joint over the fact that we're hosting a debate for the Conservative and Republican primaries for Glens Falls mayor. Well, we'd host a debate for the Green Party primaries, except they can never get two people who want to run.