Thursday, August 25, 2005

Get it out, knock it over, and give it up

Does anyone truly believe Fort Edward -- and the entire region -- won't be better off after they remove PCBs from the Hudson River? Seriously, use your heads folks.
The PCBs in the river are what's preventing the area's economic rebirth -- not the prospect of cleaning them up.
This project is going to be great for the whole region in the long-run. Be patient. And in the short-term, just think of all the revenue Fort Edward's going to get from the jump in 7 a.m. beer sales when the dredging workers show up.

How long before a driver runs over one of the new signs in the crosswalk in Glens Falls? I give it until about 3 a.m. Saturday morning.

So the city of Saratoga Springs takes drastic action to get rid of Erin Dreyer and make the whole nasty situation go away. And what does the police chief do? He dredges (pardon the pun) the whole mess up again with a lawsuit. Dreyer's gone. After Election Day, Curley will be gone.
Let it go already!

Give the Warren and Washington county Republican committees credit for having the nerve to buck the state party bosses by supporting ex-Nixon son-in-law Ed Cox over CNN golden girl Jeanine Pirro. But I don't think our local guys are going to get punished for not falling into lockstep. That's because it doesn't really matter who the Republicans pick to run for Senate. Hillary's going to kill whoever they put up against her. And everyone -- including the party bosses -- know it.

Thank goodness for loud mufflers and broken tail lights. Imagine how many criminals would be out on the streets without them.

And finally, the New York Mets have scored 32 runs in their last two games. At the same time, Mars is quickly approaching Earth for its closest pass in decades. Coincidence?