Friday, July 01, 2005

Not thinking, secrets, and another thing ...

What's gotten into our public officials? In Saratoga Springs, Tom Curley appoints a new deputy public safety commissioner who got arrested for DWI last year, then criticizes people who question him. Senator Joe Bruno taunts the American Indians by saying they make their decisions by sitting around campfires. Who even thinks that these days? These guys are making Peter McDevitt look like a statesman.
And what's with all these secret meetings lately? Saratoga Springs secretly dissolving and then re-creating its deputy public works commissioner position in secret. The Queensbury Ethics Committee only operating in public when they've got an accusation to make. Glens Falls and Queensbury officials not even telling some of their council members about their meeting on the watershed property. You'd think with the Fourth of July weekend reminding them about the Declaration of Independence, the politicians would think twice before going behind the backs of citizens to govern. Instead, we get more business as usual. It's kind of depressing.
One other thing. What's the big deal about these sparklers? We had them as kids, and most of us survived to adulthood with all 10 fingers intact. Parents are just so panicky these days. How are we going to teach kids to act responsibly when they're not allowed to try anything irresponsible once in a while?