Monday, July 25, 2005

I wonder if Lance would want to come race here ...

Glens Falls wants to limit designs for new homes? Seems like they've got bigger problems with aesthetics -- like the Henry Hudson Town Houses and South Street.
I thought I'd be mad that the NHL took a year off over a stupid labor dispute. But now that hockey's really coming back, I'm getting excited about it. No red line, smaller goalie equipment, shootouts. Maybe it took a lockout to shock them into realizing the pro game's gotten really boring, and they had to do something about it.
After all that complaining we did about the constant rain, my lawn's sure getting brown all of a sudden.
Think after Lance Armstrong retires, we'll be able to get him to the Glens Falls bike race? Compared to the Tour de France, our race certainly would be something for a retiree.