Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dam break to landslide -- there's a lot to say today

Looks like a mudslide could create a landslide -- in the next Fort Ann supervisor's election. What was Gayle Hall thinking by being so unresponsive in the wake of this disaster? Yeah, the town probably has some liability with this Hadlock Pond dam washout. But you know, when the chips are down, you serve your constituents first and let the guys in the pinstripe suits worry about what happens later. And really, if you've got volunteer firefighters offering to help with a massive mudslide, why the hell wouldn't the town's leader let them?

Nice to see the ethics charge against that Queensbury Planning Board member was dismissed. You wonder if the process would have been fairer had it been out in the open from the get-go. Hmmm. What a concept. Open government. Maybe those officials in Queensbury and Glens Falls meeting in secret over their watershed property could learn a lesson about what happens when elected officials keep secrets from the public. If the citizens don't have all the facts, they'll fill in the blanks with rumor and innuendo. And that's always going to be bad.

Not to be ungrateful, but after charging 60 bucks a ticket for inside seats and $45 for lawns, you'd think the Dave Matthews Band could offer the homeless more than the dregs from their picked-over buffet.

On the top of our Sports section today, we had a big story about the "World Series of Poker." It's a major victory for couch potatoes everywhere -- that sitting on your butt playing cards is now considered a "sport." Well, I have to go now. Have to get some rest before my big knitting match tonight.