Monday, July 25, 2005

I wonder if Lance would want to come race here ...

Glens Falls wants to limit designs for new homes? Seems like they've got bigger problems with aesthetics -- like the Henry Hudson Town Houses and South Street.
I thought I'd be mad that the NHL took a year off over a stupid labor dispute. But now that hockey's really coming back, I'm getting excited about it. No red line, smaller goalie equipment, shootouts. Maybe it took a lockout to shock them into realizing the pro game's gotten really boring, and they had to do something about it.
After all that complaining we did about the constant rain, my lawn's sure getting brown all of a sudden.
Think after Lance Armstrong retires, we'll be able to get him to the Glens Falls bike race? Compared to the Tour de France, our race certainly would be something for a retiree.

Friday, July 22, 2005

More APA rules

In light of the Adirondack Park Agency's proposed new regulations limiting campers from spending more than 90 days on one site, here is Don Coyote's Top 11 list of other proposed APA regulations.
11 -- Buildings constructed after 2007 may only be built of bark, twigs, rocks and discarded beer cans.

10 -- After 2005, phone service will be limited to tin cans tied together by a string.

9 -- Any structure above 50 feet tall must be made of glass so as not to obstruct views.

8 -- All public buildings must display photo of Eliot Spitzer smiling and holding an ax over a model of Midwest coal-burning factory.

7 -- Black bears may only be fed garbage, bars of Ivory soap and large containers of ice cream. No children.

6 -- Snowmobiles may operate in Forest Preserve areas only between months of April and September.

5 -- Handicapped fishermen may only access lakes and ponds on sleighs pulled by eight tiny reindeer.

4 -- Windmills and cell towers must be vaguely disguised as hideously out-of-place, disproportionately-sized natural Adirondack features such as pine trees and tall, skinny boulders.

3 -- Beards, orange knit caps and "snake sticks" required for men in all public areas. Same goes for women.

2 -- New hunting season for environmentalists who regularly use the word, "Frankenpine."

1 -- Starting in 2006, NO PEOPLE.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dam break to landslide -- there's a lot to say today

Looks like a mudslide could create a landslide -- in the next Fort Ann supervisor's election. What was Gayle Hall thinking by being so unresponsive in the wake of this disaster? Yeah, the town probably has some liability with this Hadlock Pond dam washout. But you know, when the chips are down, you serve your constituents first and let the guys in the pinstripe suits worry about what happens later. And really, if you've got volunteer firefighters offering to help with a massive mudslide, why the hell wouldn't the town's leader let them?

Nice to see the ethics charge against that Queensbury Planning Board member was dismissed. You wonder if the process would have been fairer had it been out in the open from the get-go. Hmmm. What a concept. Open government. Maybe those officials in Queensbury and Glens Falls meeting in secret over their watershed property could learn a lesson about what happens when elected officials keep secrets from the public. If the citizens don't have all the facts, they'll fill in the blanks with rumor and innuendo. And that's always going to be bad.

Not to be ungrateful, but after charging 60 bucks a ticket for inside seats and $45 for lawns, you'd think the Dave Matthews Band could offer the homeless more than the dregs from their picked-over buffet.

On the top of our Sports section today, we had a big story about the "World Series of Poker." It's a major victory for couch potatoes everywhere -- that sitting on your butt playing cards is now considered a "sport." Well, I have to go now. Have to get some rest before my big knitting match tonight.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Not thinking, secrets, and another thing ...

What's gotten into our public officials? In Saratoga Springs, Tom Curley appoints a new deputy public safety commissioner who got arrested for DWI last year, then criticizes people who question him. Senator Joe Bruno taunts the American Indians by saying they make their decisions by sitting around campfires. Who even thinks that these days? These guys are making Peter McDevitt look like a statesman.
And what's with all these secret meetings lately? Saratoga Springs secretly dissolving and then re-creating its deputy public works commissioner position in secret. The Queensbury Ethics Committee only operating in public when they've got an accusation to make. Glens Falls and Queensbury officials not even telling some of their council members about their meeting on the watershed property. You'd think with the Fourth of July weekend reminding them about the Declaration of Independence, the politicians would think twice before going behind the backs of citizens to govern. Instead, we get more business as usual. It's kind of depressing.
One other thing. What's the big deal about these sparklers? We had them as kids, and most of us survived to adulthood with all 10 fingers intact. Parents are just so panicky these days. How are we going to teach kids to act responsibly when they're not allowed to try anything irresponsible once in a while?