Wednesday, June 15, 2005

From the "What Were You Thinking" department ...

Top 10 excuses for crashing a boat into an island on Lake George.

10 -- It wasn't on my map. Oh wait, this is a map of the Hiland Park golf course.
9 -- This is what happens when I let grandma play "Master and Commander."
8 -- I was trying to avoid Georgie the Lake George sea monster.
7 -- The lighthouse light must have burned out.
6 -- I thought the boat was on "auto-pilot.
5 -- I was distracted by a cannon blast from Fort William Henry.
4 -- All my friends were worse off than I was, so I took the wheel.
3 -- Someone put their bikini top over the windshield, and I was looking for the owner.
2 -- I actually saw three blurry islands, so I tried to avoid the one in the middle.
1 -- Hey, what's this round thing on the dash with the needle in the middle pointing to the "N"?