Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Business owners, step up to the plate

Lake George equals families equals money.

That's the bottom line.

If those business owners in Lake George don't want to hide their offensive T-shirts to help the village's image, then surrounding businesses should rise up and help them change their mind.

Lake George is more than a conglomeration of stores. It's a vision.

Yes, store owners have free-speech rights. But they also have a responsiblity to the community to promote that positive image that brings in tourists from year to year and generation to generation. These nasty T-shirts, prominently displayed, affect the entire village, and businesses shouldn't be allowed to snub their noses at that image. 

All it takes is one upset visitor spreading the word to erode that family image the village wants to project. And there goes the money.

Giuliani cleaned up Time Square. Blais should be able to clean up Canada Street. But business operators are going to have to step up and help him.